Welcome to NDIM 2021

23-24 SEPTEMBER. The meeting will be held online on Zoom

NDIM 2021 is organised by Uppsala Drug Information Centre together with all drug information centres in Sweden. The registration is free thanks to our generous sponsors: 

Organizing committee

Program committee

Clinical Pharmacology, Uppsala University Hospital
Pär Hallberg, MD
Jessica Schubert, MD
Anna Lundberg, MD
Gabriella Scordo, MD
Ilma Bertulyte, ND

Clinical Pharmacology, Umeå University Hospital
Elina Backlund, MD
Marielle Figaro
Örebro University Hospital
Michael Andresen, MD
Clinical Pharmacology, Karolinska University Hospital
Eva Vikström Jonsson, MD

Clinical Pharmacology, Linköping University Hospital
Morgan Edström,
Marwa Shabo
Lisa Thorslund
Clinical Pharmacology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Hannah Colldén, pharmacist
Anders Mellén
Clinical Pharmacology, Skåne University Hospital
Anders Helldén, MD

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